Digital Cinematography


Discover objects tracing the technological development of motion pictures, both professional and amateur. Explore significant items from pre-cinema optical toys and film pioneer Louis Le Prince’s cameras to contemporary technologies.

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Digital technology has transformed the information flow and support infrastructure for numerous application domains, such as cellular communications. Cinematography, traditionally, a film based medium, has embraced digital technology leading to innovative transformations in its work flow. Digital cinema supports transmission of high resolution content enabled by the latest advancements in optical communications and video compression. In this paper we provide a survey of the optical network technologies for supporting this bandwidth intensive traffic class. We also highlight the significance and benefits of the state of the art in optical technologies that support the digital cinema work flow.

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)

Digital Cinema Initiatives specification  is approved by seven major motion picture studios and provides the main objectives. It specifies a store-and-forward non-real-time method of distribution to the theatres ahead of playback. The data transport can be through any (satellite, fibre, and copper) method but must provide a secure environment for content as well as safeguards against corruption of data.

The content is acquired as Digital Source Master (DSM) which is then transformed as Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM). This is further transformed as a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). The DCP is the standard Media Exchange Format (MXF) in which movies are delivered to theatres. The distribution can take various forms such as physical mediums like hard disks and transmission over satellite or broadband or delivered live over optical networks from a distribution centre.

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Hidden VFX Tricks

These visual effects are so subtle you don’t even know they’re there.

We all love big, fancy visual effects, but sometimes all you need is something small and subtle, like changing the color of a prop that sticks out like a sore thumb. In this video, the team over at Film Riot shows you how to pull off 3 “hidden” VFX that can repair and enhance scenes that are giving you some trouble.


Even though those three techniques might come in handy at some point in your career, perhaps the most important lesson here is to have a more mature philosophy on visual effects. It seems as though when people talk about VFX, they talk about films like AvatarTransformers, The Lord of the Rings, and Gravity, because they manage to create these expansive CG environments and impressively realistic CG characters.

However, there are plenty of films out there that you’d never think used visual effects, like SuffragetteThe Theory of Everything, and The Wolf of Wall Street. These movies don’t feature alien worlds, giant robots, or massive explosions—they are gripping dramas and wild comedies about real people from this planet. However, they utilize VFX to enhance the environments and locations; a few extra houses along the horizon, a few extra students in the lecture hall, an added balcony on a building.